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Kármán anticipates electrification along with enhanced autonomy in production, operation, and maintenance of the current transportation technology fleets, will continue to improve their value proposition however these will be fundamentally inferior in travel cost and/or time, by an order of magnitude to an electric air vehicle. Travel in the short to medium distance range will be dominated by dispatchable vehicles �VTOLs (Kármán�s) operating in 3-D corridors or virtual lanes.


George O�Neal, PhD.


George O�Neal, PhD.

George has a PhD in Mechanical Systems and Controls from the University of Michigan. He brings 20 years of experience delivering complex electro-mechanical embedded solutions across a variety of high-tech industries, utilizing expertise in embedded controls, vehicle dynamics, modeling, simulation, spacecraft guidance & navigation, and robotics. Most recently he served as Sr. Dir. of Embedded Systems for Hyperloop-One, responsible for autonomous vehicle protection and operation, vehicle location and communication, model based preventive maintenance, as well as the integration of these core systems to the supervisory services.

Chiranjeev Kalra, PhD.


Chiranjeev Kalra, PhD.

Chiranjeev has BS and PhD degrees in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Delhi University and Princeton University respectively. Chiranjeev works on multi-disciplinary systems development, involving aero-thermal sciences, in transportation, infrastructure and energy sectors. In his previous roles Chiranjeev worked on development of novel high speed flight sub-systems at Princeton University, supercritical CO2 turbomachinery design as program lead at GE Global Research and Pod Engineering Manager at Hyperloop-One. Chiranjeev has more than 20 patents (11 granted) filed in energy, infrastructure, and transportation fields.

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Ranbir Dhillon

Systems Engineer

Robert Murray, PhD

Senior Engineer Aero Engineering

Rehman Qureshi

Intern - Simulations


Gary Leonard, PhD

Technical Advisor - System Certification

Falcon Head Consulting

Kiruba Sivasubramanian Haran, PhD

Technical Advisor � Electrical Systems

Associate Professor
University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign

Business Development

Mansij Sharma

India and East Asia
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